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Soils and Sands

Keep a look-out for different products as we grow with you
Yellow Fill

Nice clean yellow fill, not screened, just a clean fill greatly used for all the central florida house footing dirt, barn stalls, filling in holes, amongst other uses that you can imagine. Little to no clay, compacts great to pass compaction test. Water perculates great. Purchased locally.

Red clay

Red clay not a screened product. packs great. Tons of uses like, Baseball fields, horse footing material, stalls, pond liner, sink holes etc. Purchased locally

Mason Sand

Mason Sand is a washed and screened sand. Typically used in Stucco mix, But its a great alternative to beach sand. Purchased locally.

Top soil

Our top soil is one of the finest around consisting of the perfect mixture of compost, peat and sand to make a PH level of 7.0. Which makes it great for not only topsoil but flower gardens landscaping and more. Purchased locally.

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