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Recycled Gravel

Recycled Asphault Millings

Recycled Asphault millings are ground of from the very roads we drive on. It's a great alternative to fresh asphault when building your driveway. Also works great for walk ways, parking lots etc. It packs and tightens very nicely with the help of a compactor. The heat of the sun helps restore some of the bond as well.

Wheel-Wash Concrete

Wheel wash concrete is made up of all 100% recycled concrete from roads, houses, driveways and so on. it's great for ditch liner, ponds, holes where water sits, amongst many more.  It is 2-6 inches in size. Purchased here locally in Ocala, Florida.

Concrete #57

Concrete #57 is great for decoration around ponds, fixing pot-holes along with hundreds of other great uses. It ranges in size between 3/8-1 3/8 inch

Concrete Fines

Concrete Fines or screenings, is again 100% recyclced concrete. Great under lay for pavers. 3/8 inch and under in size.

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