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Hardscapes we offer

Here is some hardscape ideas/products we offer from AB Courtyard,

Some come as a kit where the weekend DYI'er can put it together.

(Some are availble in different colors)

As always, We also install

6 Foot fire pit
(without ring)

Add some character to your backyard as well as a fire (safely and contained). Enjoy a cool crisp Florida night sitting by a warm cozy fire with your family and friends roasting marshmallows with a great conversation.


This 6 foot fire pit comes as a kit ready to asemble.

Garden Bench

A Garden Bench is great next to the fire pit you were just reading about, as well as on a patio for extra seating or anywhere you could possibly imagine.

Driveway Monument

Do you want to stand out from the rest of the driveways on your road, or maybe you own the road. Let us install an entry monument on either side and let it be known you're proud of your landscaping features. Great for business's too !!

Entry Monument

This entry monument would be great for business or appartment complex's or anything to your desire. We can build it as a plant-able on one side or double sided to plant flowers. Also great for a small water feature or a base for signage. Possibilties are endless!!


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